What Are Some Non-Prescription Anti-Itch Medications?


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Non-prescription anti-itch medications include oral and topical antihistamines, antiseptic ointments and topical anesthetics, according to WebMD. There are also medications to address specific causes of itching, such as hemorrhoidal creams and cold sore remedies.

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Antihistamines are used to treat itching or rashes caused by insect bites, plant interactions and food allergies. Diphenhydramine is a common over-the-counter antihistamine, according to the Mayo Clinic. Most consumers recognize it by the brand name Benadryl. Some non-drowsy antihistamines include cetirizine, which is in the brand name drug Zyrtec, and loratadine, used in the brand name drug Claritin. Corticosteroid creams can also be used to stop skin itching.

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