Is Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Curable?


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Non-Hodgkins lymphoma is a curable cancer. Treatment method and predicted outcome depend on what type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma is diagnosed and how far it has progressed, as well as the age and general health of the patient.

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Is Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Curable?
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Non-Hodgkins lymphoma can be divided into two categories: slow-growing and fast-growing. WebMD notes that slow-growing or indolent varieties cause few symptoms, while fast-growing or aggressive varieties can cause noticeable symptoms such as swelling of the lymph nodes, night sweats and unexplained weight loss, among others.

Non-Hodgkins lymphoma is generally diagnosed through a biopsy, and is most commonly treated with chemotherapy. Other methods include radiation, a combination of radiation and chemotherapy, targeted therapy (which kills cancer cells without attacking other cells in the body), and stem cell transplant.

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