What Are Some Non-Acidic Foods?


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Non-acidic foods, also referred to as alkaline-inducing foods, are widely dispersed across fruit and vegetable categories and include such items as cabbage, zucchini, melon, papaya and apples. Other non-acidic vegetables include carrots, cabbage, broccoli and peas.

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Many other fruits are considered non-acidic, including strawberries, pears and bananas. Prepared fruit products, such as marmalade, are also often low in acid. Further fruits and vegetables known to be alkaline-inducing are avocados, baked potatoes, green beans, mango and raisins. Oatmeal, multi-grain breads, rice, cornbread and bran rank lowest in acid among cereals and grains. Dairy items lowest in acid include soy products, goat cheese, and non-fat sour cream and cream cheese.

Many legumes and nuts are low in acid, particularly almonds, Brazil nuts and chestnuts. Pinto, white, navy, red and lima varieties stand out among beans. Many seeds are also low in acid, including sesame, flax, sunflower and pumpkin. With proteins, it is best to prepare lean cuts, especially lean ground sirloin, white meats such as chicken, egg whites and fish without added fat. For snacks and desserts, the individual should consider items such as baked potato chips, red licorice, jelly beans and low-fat cookies. Beverages such as red and white wine should be avoided, as should citrus juices.

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