Are Nodules on Knuckles Common in Older People?


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Nodules on the knuckles may be rheumatoid nodules, a symptom of rheumatoid arthritis which is a disorder that affects older women more than any other group but only affects about 1 percent of the United States population, reports WebMD. They may also be a symptom of hand osteoarthritis, notes Healthline.

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Osteoarthritis is much more common in older people, and swelling and tenderness of the knuckles are two characteristics of the disorder, states Healthline. Rheumatoid nodules are hard lumps that grow close to the joints in some people with arthritis, and they vary in size, explains WebMD. The nodules may stay in place or move. Most people with the nodules have rheumatoid factor in their blood, and smoking may increase the chances of developing them.

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