Is Nine a Low Hemoglobin Count?

Nine is a low hemoglobin count, according to Mayo Clinic. In women, a low count is defined as less than 12 grams of hemoglobin per deciliter, while a low reading for men is under 13.5 grams per deciliter. For children, low counts are based on age and sex.

Hemoglobin, a protein, is the component in red blood cells that transports oxygen all over the body, Mayo Clinic explains. A low count means that too little of the protein is in the blood. While some people, such as pregnant women, normally have low hemoglobin, it is also caused by many conditions that interfere with the production of red blood cells. These include anemia, cancer, cirrhosis, lead poisoning, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and kidney disease. Some chemotherapy and HIV treatment drugs lower hemoglobin levels, as well.