What Is NikeFuel?


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NikeFuel is a tool developed by Nike that allows people to track and analyze their activity and how much energy they use. The activity is tracked through a wearable device, GPS or an app, which translates the amount of movement into NikeFuel points to allow people to see how they stack up against each other.

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NikeFuel is part of the larger Nike+ brand, and the points can be earned using any of the brand's products. The Nike+ FuelBand is a wearable smart wristband tracker that can be synced to a smartphone via an app to allow people to track their activity and earn NikeFuel points.

The Nike+ Training Club can be used on smartphones, MP3 players and other devices to track activity, but it requires the person keep the device on while exercising. The Nike + Running and Nike+ Basketball applications also run on these same devices, so the user can keep track of the energy used while performing these activities as well.

NikeFuel points are standardized, so they are earned in the same way by everyone. This is in contrast to other activity trackers and measurements that sometimes take into account factors such as age, gender and body weight.

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