How Are Night Seizure Symptoms Treated?


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In most cases, night seizures that occur in the frontal lobe are effectively treated using medication, but if it does not bring effective control, the doctor might recommend surgery, according to the Mayo Clinic. As of 2015, medication has become more effective at preventing seizures.

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How Are Night Seizure Symptoms Treated?
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While there are several anti-epileptic medications, they are not equally effective with all people diagnosed with epilepsy. Sometimes achieving control of nighttime seizures requires trying several different medications, according to the Mayo Clinic. If the medication is not effective, the doctor sometimes suggests other treatments.

In children, the doctor may increase the dosage if the initial amount of medication does not provide effective control, according to the Merck Manual Consumer Version. Blood tests are useful in determining if the dosage amount is correct for the child’s current size. As he grows, it is often necessary to increase dosage. Another option before surgery is to add another antiseizure medication. If medication eliminates seizures for two years, the child’s risk of additional seizures drops to less than 50 percent, and the doctor may wean the child off the medication.

One surgical option is the implantation of a device in the chest to stimulate the vagus nerve. The device helps to reduce seizure activity, according to the National Sleep Foundation. In other patients, a surgeon removes the seizure-producing area of the brain.

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