What Is the Nigerian Dating Scam?


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The Nigerian dating scam involves a person from Nigeria establishing a bond with another person, usually through online communication, and then convincing the person to provide money or other valuables. A common form of the Nigerian dating scam involves the Nigerian person claiming to have some sort of emergency or catastrophic life event before asking the other person for financial help.

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What Is the Nigerian Dating Scam?
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Nigerians running these scams often establish contact with individuals in other countries using mass emails. Because many people recognize the emails as fraudulent, scam artists send them to as many recipients as possible. Some scammers also use fake identities on Internet chat services like Chatroulette and Omegle, as these platforms allow communication between anonymous users.

After making contact, the Nigerian running the scam establishes a relationship with the other person. As soon as the person trusts the scam artist, the alleged emergency occurs. These emergencies include natural disasters, financial setbacks, immigration difficulties or medical problems. Whatever the case, the Nigerian asks for monetary help in coping with the emergency.

If the individual in the other country sends financial help, the scammer typically cuts off communication immediately after receiving the funds or valuables. In some cases, however, the scammer continues extorting aid from the other individual for as long as possible.

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