What Are Some Nice Words to Say to Friends?


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Nice words to say to friends include telling them that you rely on them for help in difficult times, telling a friend in need that he's not alone, and expressing admiration for a friend's good qualities. Either express your own admiration to a friend or reassure her that she has the admiration of others.

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People appreciate feeling needed. Express this to a friend by saying that you need your friend's opinion for difficult decisions, or that you don't know where you'd be without her friendship. Telling a friend this demonstrates that you appreciate and trust her.

People who are going through difficulties often feel depressed and alone. Simply telling a friend that he's not alone is reassuring. If you know someone else who went through the same type of problem, you can sometimes help by putting the friend in touch with that person. Another way to help a friend in need is by reminding him of his achievements.

Reminding a person of his positive qualities is a good way to cheer him up. Examples of positive qualities include personality traits or ways in which your friend helps other people. Another option is telling a friend what other people admire about him. People are often more likely to accept a compliment if it's coming from a third party.

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