How Do You Get a New Smile With Dentures?


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Whether dentures are partial or full, they provide the wearer with a new, healthy-looking smile. Individuals who have crooked or misaligned teeth, missing teeth or discolored teeth gain a new smile by having the dental appliances installed.

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Getting used to dentures may take a bit of adjustment, and the teeth may cause some irritation at first. First-time denture wearers also report that the teeth sometime feel too big, giving them the sensation that the appliances are pushing the lips forward. However, that feeling is perfectly normal at first, according to Polident.com. Some denture wearers also report that they produce more saliva, but like the full-mouth feeling, saliva production normally lessens over time.

Dentures may cause a gag reflex for some wearers, especially when the teeth are placed inside the mouth or taken out for cleaning. Over time, gagging normally subsides once the wearer gets used to putting a "foreign" object in his mouth. In some instances, a denture may be extending back too far in the mouth, which, in turn, causes the patient to gag. In this case, some minor adjustments to the dentures may be required, according to Polident.com.

Denturewearers.com states that obtaining full dentures involves taking impressions and measurements of the mouth and jaw and creating a temporary cast for the teeth before casting the permanent dentures. Once the dentures are made, patients usually schedule regular appointments to make sure the teeth are correctly aligned in the mouth.

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