What Is the New Cabbage Soup Diet?


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The cabbage soup diet involves eating a fat-free cabbage soup recipe two or three times each day for a seven-day period with the goal of losing 10 or more pounds. The low-calorie diet is inefficient at producing long-term weight loss and fails to provide adequate nutrition, warns WebMD.

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What Is the New Cabbage Soup Diet?
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Along with cabbage soup, the diet allows for specific types of food each day. On the first day, dieters can eat fruit with the exception of bananas, and the diet allows for the inclusion of non-starchy vegetables on the second day. Dieters cannot eat fruit on this second day. On the third day, they can eat both fruits and vegetables.

On day four, individuals on the cabbage soup diet can consume bananas and skim milk along with their cabbage soup. Then, on the fifth day, they may have tomatoes along with beef or baked chicken, but the chicken must not have any skin on it. The diet limits dieters to beef and vegetables on the sixth day, and the final day of the diet allows for unsweetened fruit juices, vegetables and brown rice.

There are several variations on the recipe for the cabbage soup that dieters consume for seven days. Common ingredients in the recipes include tomatoes, bouillon, onions and mushrooms.

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