How Does Neuropathy ReBuilder Treatment Work?


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One of the ways the ReBuilder treatment works is by carrying a small muscle stimulus to improve blood flow in the extremity by making use of the body's natural skeletal blood pump system, according to ReBuilder Medical. In essence, the ReBuilder functions in a similar way as a pacemaker.

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When a patient turns on the ReBuilder, it determines its output parameters for the weight of the person by measuring the electrical analog and digital impedance of his body, reports ReBuilder Medical. It then sends out a 'test' signal which goes from one foot, up the leg to the nerve roots in the patient's back, and then down to the other foot. The ReBuilder then waits for the response from the initial signal, which is sent automatically when the first signal arrives at the other foot. The ReBuilder then analyzes the returning signal for aberrations in order to diagnose the nature of the patient's problem.

ReBuilder's functionality is similar to that of a pacemaker, according to ReBuilder Medical. Just like the pacemaker must send the right signals for the heart to pump blood effectively, the nerves are made to transmit their signals in the proper order by precisely controlling the ReBuilder's waveform.

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