What Are Some Neurobehavioral Symptoms?


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Neurobehavioral symptoms include absence of coordination, fatigue, confusion, depression and sensory disturbances, according to the National Academy of Sciences. Headaches, trouble concentrating and tension also make the list. These symptoms can indicate behavioral or neurological problems, and in its 2009 report, the National Research Council defined the term "neurobehavioral effects" broadly to encompass neurobehavioral symptoms. Evaluations of adult neurobehavioral function show increases in symptoms such as depression, tension and confusion with high long-term exposure to trichloroethylene-tainted drinking water.

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Clinicians use the Neurobehavioral Symptom Inventory with patients who experience mild traumatic brain injuries, allowing them to self-report symptoms typically related to post-concussion syndrome, according to Clinical Neuropsychology.

To measure postconcussive symptoms during comprehensive evaluations of traumatic brain injuries, the Department of Veterans Affairs also uses the NSI, according to the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development. Studies of the NSI indicate that it measures postconcussive symptoms reliably. Introduced in 1995, the NSI uses four factors (affective, vestibular, cognitive and somatic) to measure the severity of PCS symptoms. As of 2012, researchers conclude that grouping the symptoms as affective, cognitive and somatic/sensory is a more effective approach.

The NSI measures postconcussive symptoms by asking the participants to rank the severity of their symptoms from zero to four, explains the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development. Zero signifies a rarely occurring symptom, and four signifies a symptom that is usually present or impedes daily activities or work or school performance. The inventory symptoms include feeling dizzy, vision problems, feeling depressed or sad, and difficulty making decisions.

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