What Are the Negative Effects of Popping Pimples?


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Negative side effects of popping pimples include causing more pimples by spilling infected debris into the dermis, infection and scarring. Popping pimples can also cause nodules or cysts that are large and painful and require medical attention, according to About.com.

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A pimple is a swollen blemish that develops when skin pores fill with bacteria, sebum and dead cells. Popping pimples is a normal impulse reaction that requires will power to control. Black heads are tempting to pick because of their visibility. Drugs such as Atralin and Retin-A, which contain tretinan and vitamin A, treat the condition that causes the impulse to pop pimples. Safe alternatives to popping pimples include self-acceptance, using legitimate skin products and taking good care of the skin, notes About.com. The compulsive desire to pick skin is a legitimate medical condition that requires a dermatologist's assistance.

When a person's urge to pop pimples becomes overwhelming, the sufferer consistently scrutinizes and picks his skin, causing excoriated acne. People with excoriated acne have red marks, open sores and scarring. Excoriated acne is common in women and occurs in 2 percent of people with acne. The uncontrollable urge to pop pimples indicates underlying emotional issues such as depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, reports Everyday Health.

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