Do You Need to Fast Prior to a Microalbumin Test?


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People who are scheduled to undergo a microalbumin test do not need to fast prior to the test or do anything out of the ordinary in order to prepare for the test, states WebMD. The microalbumin test is usually referred to as the microalbumin-to-creatinine ratio urine test, reports Kid's Health.

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The test is performed on patients to determine how much albumin and cretonne are in the urine. Albumin is a protein and cretonne is a waste product. In normal healthy patients, the body will remove cretonne and will also not allow any proteins into the urine. This means that normal healthy patients will have results that show a normal amount of the creatinine and not any albumin. In patients that have kidney disease, the urine will show albumin at levels similar to that of the creatinine reports Kid's Health.

Other proteins may enter the urine stream as well in those patients with kidney disease, however, the most common protein to first appear is albumin. This microalbumin test helps doctors catch kidney disease in its early stages within children, teenagers and adults. It can also be used to help monitor the disease and to prescribe the appropriate amount of medication. It can also show that the kidneys have been damaged from conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cirrhosis or heart failure, reports WebMD. This helps doctors catch those diseases as well.

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