What Are the Facts You Need to Know If Diagnosed With Lipoma?


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Facts to know after a diagnosis of lipoma are that lipomas are noncancerous, they do not become cancerous, and they grow slowly, according to WebMD. Lipomas only receive treatment if they become unsightly or appear in a place where they cause discomfort. Lipomas are painful if they press on a nerve or are full of blood vessels, according to Mayo Clinic.

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What Are the Facts You Need to Know If Diagnosed With Lipoma?
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Medical professionals do not know what causes lipomas, but they seem to arise after an injury to the skin, according to WebMD. They also seem to run in families, according to Mayo Clinic. People who are middle-aged are more at risk for developing lipomas as are people who have diseases such as Gardner's syndrome, Cowden syndrome and adiposis dolorosa. These people tend to get more than one lipoma.

There are several types of lipoma, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. The conventional lipoma is made of mature, white fat, while the hibernoma is made of brown fat instead of white fat. The fibrolipoma is made of fat and fibrous tissue, and the angiolipoma contains many blood vessels. The myelolipoma contains the sort of tissue that creates blood cells, while the spindle cell lipoma has cells that look like tiny rods. The pleomorphic lipoma contains fat cells of different sizes and shapes, and the atypical lipoma is a lump of fat that penetrates more deeply than other lipomas and has more cells.

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