What Do You Need to Do for Bunion Foot Surgery Recovery?


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After bunion surgery, the patient should rest, elevate the foot to minimize swelling, and ensure that the bandage stays clean and dry, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. Patients at risk of infection may need to take prescription antibiotics.

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What Do You Need to Do for Bunion Foot Surgery Recovery?
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In some cases, the patient has to wear a surgical cast or a brace after the surgery, states Johns Hopkins Medicine. The doctor may also recommend specific exercises that can assist with recovery. If the patient feels pain, he can use approved pain medications according to the instructions of his doctor. Patients should consult with their doctor if they experience post-surgery complications such as fever, heightened pain, swelling in the leg, or bleeding or other discharge at the surgical site.

The removal of the stitches typically occurs one to three weeks after surgery, while the removal of the pins typically occurs three to six weeks after surgery, according to WebMD. Patients sometimes need to wear special shoes for one to four months. Women should avoid wearing high heels for at least six months following the surgery, advises Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Patient can usually drive about a week after surgery, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. Patients can typically resume normal activities within eight weeks, says WebMD.

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