What Are Neck Spasms?


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A neck spasm is a condition in which the neck muscles shake, contract or tighten involuntarily, according to Healthgrades. This condition may result in severe pain when it attacks the areas of the neck that are close to the spinal cord or spinal cord nerve roots.

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The causes of neck spasms include external physical conditions such as fracture, muscle strain and tension, and physical overexertion. Causes also include conditions such as herniated disc, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, meningitis and tumors, notes Healthgrades. Depending on the cause, the symptoms of neck spasms include stiffness and pain in the neck, spinal curvature, spinal stiffness and shoulder pain. The condition may also cause muscle weakness and backache.

The treatment of neck spasms focuses on treating the underlying cause, explains Healthgrades. It is advisable to seek immediate medical care once the neck spasms appear, as the condition may be the result of serious medical conditions such as tumors and meningitis. In-time treatment also helps avoid complications associated with neck spasms. Such complications may include chronic pain, paralysis, disability and reduced flexibility. In the diagnosis of the underlying cause of neck spasms, a doctor may seek to know the symptoms that the patient experiences and how long the patient has experienced the condition.

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