What Does a Neck Look Like Before and After a Neck Lift?


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Before a neck lift procedure, most people complain of excess skin, bulging neck muscles or excess fat, or they may feel uncomfortable looking at bands that develop in the neck or think the neck looks too full, according to WebMD. After a neck lift, these problems are resolved and the neck takes on a fitter, more toned appearance.

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Neck lifts usually address three common concerns, according to WebMD. These include "turkey wattle," too much skin and excess fat. Each concern is addressed in a different way during the procedure. For correction of a "turkey wattle," cuts are made under the chin or behind the ears to gain access to the platysma, a neck muscle. Some of the muscle may be removed to reduce the appearance of a "wattle." Inversely, Botox injections may be given to relax the bands that give a full look to the neck without undergoing a neck lift.

Excess fat is removed using liposuction. During the neck lift, the surgeon makes a cut in the chin, sucking out excess fat. If excess skin is a problem, the surgeon trims away parts of the skin or lifts them to give the neck a sleeker appearance, using stitches or glue to secure the skin in place.

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