When Is It Necessary to Have Surgery to Open the Cervix?


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Surgery is necessary to open the cervix during or after a women experiences a miscarriage to allow for the removal of uterine tissue, reports WebMD. Additionally, this surgery is used to investigate and treat unusual uterine bleeding and abnormal growths.

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Surgical opening of the cervix allows for the removal of small pieces of placenta from the uterus of a women experiencing miscarriage, according to WebMD. Additionally, surgical opening of the cervix is performed during an elective abortion procedure and also involves tissue removal. Infections and heavy bleeding are prevented by removing this tissue from the cervix.

Surgery is necessary to open the cervix to allow a doctor to perform a hysteroscopy, a procedure used to obtain a view of the inside of the uterus, reports Healthline. Opening the cervix allows the physician to insert a thin device that enhances his ability to see inside.

Opening the cervix surgically allows for the removal of growths such as polyps or fibroids, investigation of potentially cancerous tumors and the removal of unhealthy tissue associated with pelvic inflammatory disease. Additionally, this surgery is used for removing an intrauterine device and investigating hormone imbalance and endometriosis.

Typically, it takes 15 minutes or less to surgically open the cervix, and the procedure is commonly performed in an outpatient clinic, doctor’s office or hospital, explains WebMD. However, the procedure may require a patient to stay at the medical facility for up to five hours, and general or local anesthesia may be administered to the patient.

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