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To perform a National Drug Code search, input the National Drug Code number in the NDC search box on the U.S Food and Drug Administration website. The search results provide specific information about the drug, including its name, the labeler name and the product type, according to the FDA.

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All prescription and over-the-counter medications in the United States have unique National Drug Code numbers. The number is 10 digits long and contains three segments separated by hyphens, explains Drugs.com. A National Drug Code number typically has four or five numbers in the first segment, three or four numbers in the second segment, and one or two numbers in the third segment, notes the FDA.

The first segment of a National Drug Code number indicates the labeler, or manufacturer, of the product, states Drugs.com. The second segment represents the product code, which indicates the strength, dosage form and formulation of the drug. The third segment, the package code, specifies the package size and type.

The Drug Listing Act of 1972 requires that all registered drug establishments provide the FDA with a complete list of drugs manufactured for commercial distribution by using the drug's National Drug Code, according to the FDA. As of 2015, drug establishments must update this information in June and December of each year.

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