How Do You Find a NDC Number for a Vaccine?


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Find an NDC number for a vaccine by looking on the primary and secondary packaging. Each package has a different NDC number displayed; however, both are relevant in determining the relationship between the manufacturer or packager, packaging and product, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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The National Drug Code is issued to each vaccine by the Food and Drug Administration. NDC numbers are universal identifiers of human drugs, and each number is comprised of the three components separated by dashes. The three components consist of 10 digits, with a placeholder zero at the left. Primary NDC numbers indicate the unit of use and the secondary NDC number represents the packaging. Each package of 10 syringes, for example, has different primary NDC numbers on each syringe and the same secondary NDC number for each, according to the CDC.

For vaccines with multiple components, each component also has an NDC number. The components include agents, such as diluents or lyophilized agents. Access the NDC database by using the NDC Table Access or NDC Lookup Crosswalk available on the CDC website. The NDC Lookup Crosswalk database shows the relationship of the unit of sale and unit of use, as well as pertinent information. The NDC Table Access offers a downloadable data table, states the CDC.

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