How Do You Naturally Cleanse the Liver?


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To naturally cleanse the liver, eat a balanced diet that includes foods high in fiber, as noted by the American Liver Foundation. The liver is one of the body's most vital organs, as it is responsible for converting food into energy and nutrients.

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Foods high in fiber include corn, white beans, black beans, avocado, whole-wheat pasta and brown rice, accordingly to Health.com. In addition to cleansing the liver, these foods lower blood sugar, cut cholesterol and may help prevent colon cancer. To assist with the natural liver cleansing process, also avoid foods that high in fat, sugar and salt, as stated by the American Liver Foundation.

Certain vitamins can also assist with liver detoxification. Vitamins B, C and E are known to assist with this process and promote a healthy metabolism, as listed on WebMD. In addition, milk thistle expedites the liver detoxification process. Avoiding alcohol is critical in maintaining a healthy liver, as listed by the American Liver Foundation. Alcohol damages and destroys liver cells. In more serious conditions, alcohol consumption can lead to alcoholic fatty liver disease, alcohol hepatitis and alcohol cirrhosis. There are known treatment options for these diseases that involve participation in an alcoholic recovery program and consumption of certain prescription medications.

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