Are There Natural Ways to Treat Pain From Kidney Stones?


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Lemonade is a potential natural remedy to treat pain from kidney stones, explains WebMD. Lemonade therapy is used to slow the development of new stones and reduce pain in patients suffering from the condition.

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Kidney stones are a result of urine in the kidney becoming supersaturated with stone-forming salt and when the urine does not contain enough stone-preventing substances, explain WebMD. Citrate is one substance that prevents the formation of the stones. People suffering from this condition are prescribed potassium citrate, whether in form of a liquid or pill. Lemon juice is full of natural citrate, making it ideal for the treatment of kidney stones.

When made into sugar-free or low-sugar lemonade, lemon juice increases the amount of citrate in urine, reaching levels known to inhibit kidney stones, explains WebMD. Although this remedy does not work as well as potassium citrate, it is an attractive alternative to those who would rather avoid another medication.

Drinking enough fluid, mostly water, also helps flush out the urinary system, producing clear or nearly clear urine, explains Mayo Clinic. Patients are typically advised to drink between 2 and 3 liters of water daily. Other kidney stones treatment options include using sound waves to break up stones and surgery to remove very large stones.

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