What Are Some Natural Ways to Treat Facial Cysts?


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Natural ways to treat facial cysts and other epidermoid cysts include covering the cyst with a stretch of wet, warm cloth and refraining from attempting to squeeze it, according to Mayo Clinic. There is no way to prevent the formation of cysts.

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Cyst treatment options include surgery, injection, drainage and laser therapy, states Mayo Clinic. Surgery entails a minor procedure that typically prevents the cyst from reappearing. Injection relies on inserting a substance into the cyst that can lessen inflammation and swelling. With drainage, a physician makes a small cut in the cyst and proceeds to drain out its contents. The chief disadvantage of this method is the high likelihood of cyst recurrence. Laser therapy involves vaporizing the cyst with a carbon dioxide laser, which leads to a very low amount of scarring.

Epidermoid cysts on the face are tiny swells beneath the skin, identical to those found on the neck and trunk, explains Mayo Clinic. They grow slowly and rarely cause any pain. They do not require treatment unless they become infected or ruptured, or for aesthetic reasons. Epidermoid cysts consist of a pouch of dead skin cells filled with the protein keratin. The cyst wall forms when dead skin cells sink deeper into the skin instead of falling off. Eventually, they begin to secrete keratin, causing a cyst to form.

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