What Are Some Natural Ways to Stop Sweating so Much?


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Natural ways to stop sweating so much include wearing light clothing and applying a natural antiperspirant, recommends WebMD. Before applying antiperspirant, it is a good idea to shower or bathe using an antibacterial soap, and then dry off completely.

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Wearing clothing made from linens with a loose weave is ideal for preventing excessive sweat because linens breathe better than tightly woven clothing, notes WebMD. Wearing hats may cause excessive sweating, so it helps to avoid them. Refraining from consuming alcoholic beverages, hot drinks such as coffee or tea, and spicy foods such as hot peppers, may also help to prevent excessive sweating.

Stress may cause sweating, so relaxing may help to keep it at bay, according to Mayo Clinic. Treating an underlying medical condition may stop excessive sweating. Some possible causes of sweating include obesity, leukemia, malaria and menopause.

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