What Are Some Natural Ways to Relieve Allergy Symptoms?


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Natural ways to relieve allergy symptoms include Neti pots, local honey and air filters, says Health.com. Butterbur and hot spicy foods are also effective in alleviating allergy symptoms, reports WebMd.

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What Are Some Natural Ways to Relieve Allergy Symptoms?
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Using a Neti pot involves flushing the sinus cavities of both allergens and mucus with distilled water or a saline solution, explains Health.com. Consuming local honey daily can help a person build up immunity to local pollens by being exposed to a small amounts of pollen in the honey. Air filters help purify the air and reduce the amount of airborne allergens, such as dust.

Scientists recently proved butterbur's effectiveness in both relieving symptoms of grass allergy and as an antihistamine, reports WebMD. It is thought to be as effective as drugs, but does not cause drowsiness. Hot and spicy foods thin mucous secretions and clear nasal passageways.

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