What Are Some Natural Ways to Pass a Drug Test?


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The only "natural" ways to pass a drug test is to allow sufficient time for drug metabolites to clear the body or to dilute the urine by drinking excess water. Insufficient evidence exists to prove that natural "detox" products actually help individuals pass drug tests.

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Generally, urine dilution is the only tactic that can fool an "instant" drug test that relies on an enzyme-based immunoassay to indicate a positive or negative result. If the target drug metabolite is present in the urine above a designated cutoff concentration, as measured in nanograms per milliliter, the test yields a positive result. If the concentration of the drug metabolite in the patient's urine is close to the cutoff value, the patient can produce an apparent negative result by ingesting excess water. However, drinking too much water may trigger an inconclusive result if the specific gravity of the urine is too low or if the sample appears clear.

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