What Are Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Liver?


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Consuming vitamins and foods such as choline, vitamin C, milk thistle, beets and broccoli can cleanse and care for the liver naturally, as stated by About.com. Not enough scientific is available to recommend appropriate doses, as of 2015.

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What Are Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Liver?
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Practitioners of alternative medicine recommend choline and methionine for liver cleansing to regulate metabolism and bile flow, as explained by About.com. Scientists believe the antioxidant vitamin C assists with the detoxification process and reduces the symptoms of detoxification.

Milk thistle is a long-standing folk remedy that treats liver issues, says About.com. Herbal medicine practitioners believe that milk thistle assists in liver cell regeneration and protects cells from exposure to toxic chemicals and pollutants.

Artichokes increase bile flow and help digest fat. Beets promote the regeneration of liver cells and bile flow, as reported by About.com. Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and kale all support the liver's detoxification enzymes. Garlic and onions contain sulfur compounds that help create a detoxification path for chemicals, some drugs and harmful food additives.

Scientists have not widely tested supplements made from these sources, and these methods are highly unregulated, warns About.com. Patients interested in natural liver-cleansing methods should discuss the use of these supplements with their primary health care providers.

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