Is There a Natural Way to Shrink the Prostate Gland?


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Natural ways to shrink an enlarged prostate gland include the use of Secale cereale, or grass pollen, especially cernilton rye, which has been found to shrink the overall prostate, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Saw palmetto has been found to shrink the inner lining of the gland.

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Other natural treatments have been found to reduce the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, called benign prostatic hyperplasia, but not the size of the gland. The herb Pygeum africanum, or African plum extract, improves urine flow while reducing the urgency to urinate at night, states University of Maryland Medical Center. Beta-sitosterol, a compound found in plants, significantly improves urine flow and enables more complete emptying of the bladder, and pumpkin seeds are a good source.

Up to a third of men with mild or moderate BPH symptoms find relief using natural treatments, according to the urology department at UCLA, which adds that natural approaches can be used either alone or in conjunction with standard FDA-approved treatments. Mayo Clinic cautions that the use of herbal treatments for BPH are not proven to be effective, as of 2015, and states that they may adversely interact with other drugs.

Lifestyle changes such as urinating frequently, getting regular exercise and avoiding cold and sinus medications also reduce the symptoms of BPH, states University of Maryland Medical Center.

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