What Is the Best Natural Way to Remove Corns From Your Foot?


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Castor oil, Epsom salt baths, rubbing with a pumice stone and applying calendula herbal cream are natural methods for treating corns on the feet, as noted by About.com. Even when choosing a natural remedy, talking to a doctor is important before starting treatment, particularly for diabetics.

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In many cases, corn treatment may simply involve avoiding friction and pressure on certain parts of the feet. When other treatments are warranted, castor oil is an option. Dip a cotton ball or pad in castor oil, place it over the corn, and use tape to hold it into place. To protect the sheets from staining, wear socks over the tape. If the skin is broken, choose a different treatment option, as reported by About.com.

Placing feet with corns in a warm Epsom salt bath for about 20 minutes can ease swelling beneath the skin and reduce pain, and this also softens the feet. After softening, use a pumice stone to wear away the corn. Similar treatments work well with calluses. Moisturizing with calendula herbal cream or oil softens the skin and keeps cracks from forming. Lotions with lactic acid or urea can ease thickened skin as well, as stated by About.com.

Diabetics should not use a pumice stone on their corns or calluses, warns About.com. Cutting and shaving of corns is not recommended due to the risk of infection.

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