What Are Natural Treatments for Tinnitus?


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Natural treatments for tinnitus include avoiding smoking, reducing alcohol and caffeine consumption, and minimizing the intake of aspirin, ibuprofen and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, according to WebMD. It also helps to maintain a regular exercise routine, as exercise increases blood flow to the ear.

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What Are Natural Treatments for Tinnitus?
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Nicotine, which is present in cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products, decreases blood flow to the ear’s structures, thus worsening tinnitus, explains WebMD. People with tinnitus should maintain a healthy and active lifestyle to relieve symptoms. Daily exercise is recommended, but bicycle riding and other exercises that put the neck in a hyperextended position should be avoided.

To reduce noise in the ears, a person should stay away from loud sounds and wear earplugs or earmuffs, suggests WebMD. Practicing yoga or meditation also helps decrease tinnitus by relaxing the body, as stress and fatigue can aggravate the condition.

Tinnitus often becomes more noticeable in quiet rooms, which is why doctors recommend having a low background noise such as calming music or white noise, states WebMD. A person can use a fan, a humidifier or a device capable of producing natural sounds, such as ocean waves. Individuals with tinnitus can also try taking the herbal supplement called ginkgo biloba, which can potentially alleviate tinnitus, although its effectiveness has not been definitively proven. Anyone who experiences numbness, loss of coordination or weakness should discontinue home treatment and contact a doctor.

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