What Are Natural Treatments for Skin Rashes?


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Natural treatments for skin rashes, also called dermatitis, include fish oil supplements; aloe vera; dietary supplements, including vitamin D; rice bran broth; and tea tree oil, Mayo Clinic states. No firm evidence exists for their efficacy.

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Many home treatments help relieve symptoms of skin rashes, Mayo Clinic advises. Over-the-counter medication, such as calamine lotion, hydrocortisone cream and, for severe cases, oral histamines, including diphenhydramine, alleviate inflammation and itching. A bleach bath, made by adding one-half cup of household (not concentrated) bleach to a 40-gallon tub filled with warm water reduces the amount of bacteria present on the skin. Soaking in a warm bath with added colloidal or uncooked oatmeal for five to 10 minutes and subsequently applying moisturizer is another remedy. Application of a cool and wet dressing protects the skin and reduces the impulse to scratch the area. Covering the area with bandages also helps protect against scratching.

Other helpful measures include wearing cotton clothing that does not irritate the rash, using only mild detergents, and avoiding fabric softeners that come into contact with the rash, Mayo Clinic notes. It is also helpful to moisturize the skin regularly, refrain from scratching the rash, and avoid all forms of stress.

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