What Are Some Natural Treatments for Skin Cancer?


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Consuming green tea, applying certain herbs and meditating are natural treatments that can relieve symptoms of skin cancer, explains Healthline. Massage and physical therapy may also help those with skin cancer.

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Herbs that treat skin cancer should contain high antioxidant properties, which protect the skin, notes Healthline. These herbs include bilberry, ginger, hawthorn, milk thistle and ginkgo. Green tea also has high quantities of antioxidants that aid in healing skin cancer because these properties protect the cells from damage. A person with skin cancer should drink at least four cups of the tea per day.

Meditation alleviates pain and discomfort because it helps a person manage stress and relax and also calms the mind, according to Healthline. When meditating, stay away from distractions, sit in a comfortable position to help with focus and keep a gentle attitude. Massage helps individuals who suffer from skin cancer to manage stress, and it also promotes relaxation. Physical therapy may help a patient who is recovering from surgery, such as a procedure that involved removing lymph nodes. The therapy may include stretch and strength exercises.

To prevent skin cancer, avoid the mid-day sun, advises Mayo Clinic. The sun causes sunburn or suntans that result in skin damage, and exposure increases the risk of getting skin cancer.

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