What Are Some Natural Treatments for Osteopenia?


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Calcium and vitamin D supplements are recommended by WebMD to treat osteopenia. In addition to this, eating calcium rich foods such as cheese, yogurt, broccoli and tofu can help with bone density. Regular weight bearing exercise also causes improved bone density.

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At least 400 international units of Vitamin D and 1000 milligrams of calcium are required by the body to maintain healthy bone density, reports WebMD. While vitamin D and calcium supplements are available, simply making some dietary changes can improve bone quality. High-calcium foods include dairy products, green vegetables, tofu and bony fish. Vitamin D is synthesized by the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight. However, fish, fish and beef liver, cheese, breakfast cereals and egg yolks all provide sufficient amounts of vitamin D.

Exercise is another key component to improving bone density, adds WebMD. Regular weight bearing exercise, such as weight lifting, walking or stair climbing stress the skeletal system and force it to become stronger. Smoking and drinking need to be eliminated when treating osteopenia. A direct relationship has been found between the cigarette smoking and increased bone loss, while excessive alcohol consumption interferes with calcium balance in the body. While no direct scientific evidence has been found, health professionals suspect caffeine and salt contribute to calcium loss and bone density problems.

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