What Are Some Natural Treatments for Knee Synovitis?

Natural treatments for synovitis include wearing sleeves or elastic stockings over the knee to reduce swelling, according to the Rosenberg Cooley Metcalf Clinic. Hot and ice packs applied to the knee can naturally reduce pain, and doctors also recommend knee balm for pain relief. People with synovitis should also commit to an exercise program that strengthens the joint without further aggravating the knee joint lining.

These natural treatments, combined with six months of anti-inflammatory medication, is a common treatment plan for synovitis, explains the Rosenberg Cooley Metcalf Clinic. However, if symptoms do not improve, a doctor may recommend a synovectomy to remove any damaged tissue within the knee joint to reduce the symptoms or cure the condition.

People who undergo arthroscopic surgery to treat synovitis require three to six months of recovery time, and two-thirds of patients recover fully after surgery, states the Rosenberg Cooley Metcalf Clinic. Physical therapy is an integral part of the recovery process, and most patients walk normally within seven days, reports New Mexico Knee Surgery.

People with knee synovitis may feel swelling, stiffness, weakness or pain at the joint, notes New Mexico Knee Surgery. Sometimes the bones of the leg and thigh pinch the inflamed knee lining, which can cause the knee to lock. To verify a diagnosis, the doctor orders magnetic resonance imaging of the knee to look for a joint lining that is thicker than normal.