What Are Some Natural Treatments for Gout?


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Natural treatments that may help gout include coffee, cherries, vitamin C, various lifestyle changes and other alternative therapies, according to Mayo Clinic. There has not been extensive research done on alternative treatments for gout, as of 2015. Any individual considering natural treatments should consult a doctor first.

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What Are Some Natural Treatments for Gout?
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Research has shown that drinking regular or decaffeinated coffee is associated with lower uric-acid levels, according to Mayo Clinic. Studies have shown that cherries reduce uric-acid levels as well as the number of gout attacks. Vitamin C may reduce uric-acid levels, though it has not been proven to decrease gout attacks.

Lifestyle changes that help treat gout include resting the affected joint, drinking plenty of water, applying cold packs or compresses several times per day, and maintaining a healthy weight through exercise, according to WebMD and Mayo Clinic. An individual with gout should avoid foods high in purines, such as organ meats, seafood, some vegetables and red meats. Individuals with gout should also limit or not drink alcoholic beverages and fructose-sweetened drinks because these increase uric-acid levels.

Other alternative medicines and techniques may help an individual deal with gout pain, according to Mayo Clinic. An individual can use relaxation techniques, such as meditation and deep-breathing exercises, to possibly feel better.

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