What Are Some Natural Treatments for Cherry Angiomas?

Natural treatments for cherry angiomas include consuming iodine or applying it directly to the skin, holding a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar over the cherry angioma, and applying a mixture of olive oil and tea tree oil on the growth, according to Earth Clinic. A cherry angioma is a benign growth consisting of blood cells that develops on the skin.

If the cherry angioma is extremely painful, bleeds excessively or changes in appearance, a person should seek medical attention. Research shows that iodine deficiency increases the risk of developing cherry angiomas. Iodine is necessary for removing toxins from the body, and it improves cell function, according to Earth Clinic.

Apple cider vinegar naturally occurs in fermented apples. It contains high levels of acetic acid that has healing properties. Apple cider vinegar makes cherry angiomas change color, shrink and finally fall off. Another natural treatment for these growths, tea tree oil is an antibacterial agent that eliminates the skin growths by drying them out, states Earth Clinic.

Potential causes of cherry angiomas include pregnancy, exposure to chemicals and advancement in age. Medical procedures that remove cherry angiomas include electrocauterization, cryosurgery, laser surgery and shave excision. When these skin growths change in shape, size or color, dermatologists assess them to rule out serious medical conditions, such as skin cancer, says Healthline.