What Are Some Natural Treatments for Cervical Dystonia?


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Natural treatments for cervical dystonia include applying heat, stress reduction, sufficient sleep and touching other regions around the head, says Mayo Clinic. Using heat packs can relax the affected muscles, and stress generally worsens the symptoms of cervical dystonia. The symptoms of cervical dystonia generally stop during sleep, so sufficient sleep can give the muscles time to rest. Touching the face or the back of the head can trick the neck muscles to stop spasms temporarily.

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Cervical dystonia is a condition where the muscles of the neck spasm involuntarily, which causes the head to turn to one side, twist, tilt forward or tilt backward, explains Mayo Clinic. Most commonly, the chin is pulled toward the shoulder. It is usually a painful condition that slowly grows in severity. It is most common in women during middle age, but it can occur in anyone at any age. Injuries to the neck, shoulders or head are common causes, but certain antipsychotic and anti-nausea medications can also cause it.

If natural remedies are insufficient to treat cervical dystonia, medical treatment options include both medications and surgery, says Mayo Clinic. Medications to treat cervical dystonia include muscle relaxants and pain relievers. Surgical treatments include severing affected muscles and nerves and deep brain stimulation.

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