What Are Some Natural Treatments for Bleeding Ulcers?


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Effective natural treatments for bleeding ulcers include vitamin E, bananas, garlic and honey, according to Dr. David Williams. Cranberry extract may be effective in fighting the H. pylori bacterium that contributes to ulcers, Healthline states.

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In a 28-patient study at Kiev Medical Institute, ulcers were relieved in just four to six days in patients receiving 300 milligrams of vitamin E daily, opposed to seven to 10 days among those treated conventionally, notes Dr. Williams. Sitoindosides in unripe bananas increase mucus in the digestive tract, forming a strong protective coating that helps prevent and heal ulcers, while the glucose oxidase enzyme in honey produces hydrogen peroxide to kill harmful bacteria that can lead to ulcer development. Dr. Williams also references a Hutchinson Cancer Research Center study that concluded garlic exhibits antimicrobial characteristics against H. pylori.

Since no specific consumption is associated with relief, cranberry juice, cranberries and cranberry supplements should be taken in small doses and increased gradually, advises Healthline.

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