What Is the Best Natural Treatment for Yeast Infections?


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Boric acid, tea tree oil, garlic, vinegar douching and yogurt with probiotics all represent the most effective natural remedies for yeast infections, reports Everyday Health. These remedies do not yet have clinical research supporting them, as of 2015, but they do have considerable anecdotal support.

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Suppository capsules containing boric acid appear highly effective against yeast infections. One early study indicated that a nightly suppository regimen has a cure rate as high as 92 percent. However, boric acid should only be used infrequently, and the suppositories sometimes cause vaginal burning, notes Everyday Health.

Eating yogurt to replenish the population of helpful bacteria in the vagina is another solution for yeast infections, although putting yogurt into the vagina is not recommended. Garlic and tea tree oil are natural remedies with anecdotal support that require significantly more research to prove their effectiveness, according to Everyday Health.

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