What Is a Natural Treatment for Seed Warts?


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Seed warts, also known as common warts, are naturally treated in a number of ways including waiting for the wart to heal naturally, using tape and garlic, according to HowStuffWorks. Aspirin and dandelion may also be effective against common warts.

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Sometimes doing nothing is the best remedy, and with warts, this can work well, reports HowStuffWorks. Though it can take time, most warts go away on their own. If using this treatment method, people are advised to keep the wart covered, as warts can spread. Tape is another natural method for healing warts. Placing adhesive tape, such as duct tape, on the wart for six and a half days has an 85 percent chance of working, according to a study. People should make sure to put four layers of tape on and ensure it is comfortable.

Crushing a clove of garlic and placing it onto the wart may also serve as a good natural remedy, explains HowStuffWorks. The garlic can be held in place by tape. Crushing up an aspirin and doing the same may also work to heal a wart. Alternatively, in the spring, picking dandelions and using the white sap from the stem on the wart may also help to eliminate the wart. If these methods don't work, seeing a doctor is the next step.

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