Is There a Natural Treatment for Diarrhea?


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Natural home treatments for diarrhea include changes to daily diets and an increase in fluid intake, according to WebMD. To avoid dehydration when coping with diarrhea, natural remedies also include taking frequent, small sips of a rehydration drink or water and eating small bites of salty crackers.

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Is There a Natural Treatment for Diarrhea?
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When increasing fluid to treat diarrhea, patients should increase the intake of fluids to at least a quart per hour for up to two hours or until the diarrhea subsides, according to WebMD. Mild amounts of food should be ingested when patients are coping with diarrhea. Cheese, yogurt and foods with probiotics may help diarrhea subside, but patients should abstain from drinking milk until symptoms have subsided for three days. Patients should avoid alcohol, caffeine, fruits and spicy foods for at least 48 hours after all symptoms of diarrhea disappear.

Individuals who suffer from diarrhea for more than six hours may need to consult a physician or take nonprescription medications to treat the symptoms, especially if the signs of a serious illness, a high fever or bloody stool are present, according to WebMD. Antidiarrheal medications can absorb water, slow intestinal spasms and thicken the stool, and probiotics can help with digestion. Patients who experience 10 or more loose watery stools within 24 hours should consult a physician for advanced medical treatment, according to WebMD.

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