What Is a Natural Treatment for a Baker's Cyst?

Natural remedies for a Baker's cyst include rest, ice, compression and elevation, according to Mayo Clinic. Doctors often recommend this regimen, commonly known as the R.I.C.E. principles, when the cyst is caused by arthritis.

Doctors may recommend performing all or some of the R.I.C.E. principles, as Mayo Clinic explains. In addition to resting the leg, icing the cyst can help soothe the inflammation. Sometimes, doctors recommend that patients wear a compression sleeve or wrap, and elevation may also help, especially at night. Patients can also treat their Baker's cysts naturally by using a cane or walker to keep pressure off the knee, as WebMD advises. Maintaining a healthy weight can also help heal the cyst.

A Baker's cyst is a condition in which fluid builds up behind the knee, as Mayo Clinic explains. It creates a bulge that leads to tightness or pain, which often occurs when the knee is fully extended. Additionally, the pain can worsen with activity. The cyst that forms is caused by a problem with the knee joint, such as arthritis or a cartilage tear, and both conditions can lead to the accumulation of fluid. Treating the underlying cause usually remedies the problem.

Sometimes, doctors choose to drain the cyst, especially if it causing a great deal of pain. Otherwise, doctors may use a shot of steroid medication to reduce the swelling. Treatment in the form of surgery is rare.