What Are Some Natural Sources of Iodine?


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Some natural sources of iodine include soil and seawater, states the American Thyroid Association. Dietary sources of iodine include major food groups, such as dairy products, meat, some carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.

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Vegetables derived from the ocean, such as kelp, hiziki, arame, wakame and kombu, are naturally rich in iodine content. Kelp contains more iodine compared to any other food on Earth, explains Global Healing Center.

Dairy products, including cow's milk, eggs, organic yogurt and raw, organic cheese are also good sources of iodine. People can also obtain iodine from seafood, including cod, tuna, salmon, shrimp, scallops and sardines, notes the George Mateljan Foundation. Other sources of iodine include organic forms of strawberries, navy beans and potatoes.

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