What Are Some Natural Remedies to Treat Rashes?


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Some natural remedies for rashes include washing in gentle soaps and taking oatmeal baths, according to WebMD. Relaxation exercises also help to prevent scratching due to stress.

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What Are Some Natural Remedies to Treat Rashes?
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An oatmeal bath is a natural way to soothe itching skin due to rashes, explains WebMD. Preparation involves pouring 1 cup of oatmeal into a sock, and placing the sock in a pot of boiling water. After the oatmeal has been cooked, it needs to cool. The person with the rash can then get into a tub with cool water and use the sock of cooked oatmeal as a sponge.

Another way to relieve itching is to wash with only a little bit of mild soap, says WebMD. Clothes also need to be washed with gentle soap and not detergents, which are harsh and can cause more skin irritation. The most natural remedy for rashes, however, is time. Most rashes resolve themselves, although rashes caused by poison ivy or poison oak need to be rinsed with water right away.

Other natural ways to treat rashes include treating the area with clay, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera or peppermint leaves, advises the Gerson Institute. These remedies are applied directly to the skin using a cotton swab or on a piece of porous fabric.

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