What Are Natural Remedies to Treat Glaucoma?


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Natural or alternative therapies cannot prevent, treat or cure glaucoma, according to Mayo Clinic. Some lifestyle changes such as stress reduction, monitoring fluid intake, reduction of caffeine, and exercise may improve symptoms associated with glaucoma and reduce the risk of acute angle-closure glaucoma.

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Despite a lack of scientific evidence, multiple herbal supplements, such as bilberry, are advertised and used as a natural therapy for glaucoma, states Mayo Clinic. People with glaucoma should always discuss the use of herbal supplements with their doctor before use, and they should only rely on proven medical therapies for glaucoma treatment.

Stress may lead to an acute angle-closure glaucoma attack, according to Mayo Clinic, and it can be mitigated with techniques like meditation and relaxation therapy. Exercise may also help prevent an acute angle-closure attack, so an exercise program approved by a doctor is advisable. Furthermore, drinking a large amount of fluids in a short time span may increase eye pressure. Glaucoma patients are advised to sip fluids throughout the day, rather than drinking more than a quart of liquid at one time. Additionally, consumption of large amounts of caffeine is thought to increase eye pressure. Drinking decaffeinated beverages or reducing daily caffeine intake may help.

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