What Are Some Natural Remedies for Osteopenia?


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Natural remedies for osteopenia include changes in lifestyle habits, such as exercising more frequently and eating a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D. Additionally, limiting the intake of salt and caffeine, quitting smoking, and drinking alcohol in moderation help remedy osteopenia, reports WebMD.

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Exercising is an effective remedy for osteopenia because, like muscles, bones strengthen with exercise. Walking, stair climbing, dancing or any weight-bearing exercise in which the participant is working against gravity may strengthen bones and reduce fracture risk, says WebMD.

Eating high-calcium foods is another simple remedy. Dairy products, such as cheese, low-fat milk and yogurt, contain high levels of calcium as do green vegetables, such a broccoli and collard greens. Tofu, sardines and boned salmon are also rich in calcium. If an individual spends a lot of time outdoors, she likely already has all of the vitamin D that her body needs; otherwise, many grain and milk products are fortified with vitamin D, and vitamin D is abundant in fish, cheese, beef liver and egg yolks, according to WebMD.

One of the major risk factors for decreased bone density is cigarette smoking, so quitting smoking is one of the best remedies for osteopenia. Consuming too much alcohol may interfere with the balance of calcium within the body and the production of hormones that contribute to healthy bones, so drinking in moderation is another effective remedy. Lastly, both caffeine and salt may contribute to bone loss, so cutting back on these may also improve bone health, states WebMD.

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