What Are Some Natural Remedies for a Lost Voice?


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Natural remedies for a lost voice, or laryngitis, include cutting out caffeine, using artificial saliva, vaporizing the air and speaking in a soft tone, notes HowStuffWorks. Laryngitis is the loss of voice or hoarseness, due to swelling of the voice box, leading to the folding of the voice.

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Common treatments include resting the voice, drinking lots of fluids to remain hydrated and cutting out alcohol. Because caffeine causes dehydration, reduction in caffeine remedies hoarseness. Alternatively, artificial saliva keeps the mouth and throat moist, to help a lost voice. Breathing humidified air adds moisture and reduces dryness in the throat.

Excess talking and yelling are common causes of laryngitis, reports Medicine.net. Laryngitis does not usually have serious consequences, but it is painful at times, notes HowStuffWorks.

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