What Are Some Natural Remedies for Growing Hair When Balding?


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Natural remedies to combat balding include topical applications of liquorice root, jojoba oil and saw palmetto, according to Organic Facts. There is insufficient scientific research to support the effectiveness of these remedies as of 2015.

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Saw palmetto is a fruit-bearing plant sometimes used in naturopathic medicines, notes WebMD. Regular consumption of the plant may inhibit the hormone dihydrotestosterone, which destroys hair follicles over time, explains Organic Facts. While there is insufficient evidence to support this claim, some men do report improved hair quality after using saw palmetto, reports WebMD. Liquorice root works in a manner similar to saw palmetto in that it inhibits the production of dihydrotestosterone in the body, explains Organic Facts.

HomeVeda offers a recipe for a topical remedy made from one part liquorice powder, two parts milk and a pinch of saffron. The user should mix the ingredients into a paste, then apply the paste to the scalp and leave on overnight.

Excessive stress and vitamin deficiencies are some common causes of excessive or early hair loss, notes HomeVeda. Avoiding stress and eating a nutritious diet may help combat early baldness. However, the majority of baldness is genetic, according to WebMD. Outside of natural remedies, a topical medication called Minoxidil has proven to be effective at treating male pattern baldness.

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